Koa, whose name means brave, bold, fearless warrior, may be the most spectacular hardwood in the world! We know of no other wood possessing such chatoyancy or range of color which can vary from light brown to deep red hues. As rare as it is beautiful, Koa wood is found in only one location in the world: here on the islands of Hawaii.

In terms of its strength and weight, koa is a moderately heavy wood. Koa is an exceptionally sustainable wood for handcrafted picture frames, furniture, and custom cabinets.

Pictures Plus is the world’s largest manufacturer Koa veneer frames and our selection is unmatched. To achieve maximum durability in its application to our picture frames, we use a Koa veneer atop an even stronger wood backing to ensure your Koa wood frame will last a lifetime.

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koa frame beautiful colorsBeauty

Koa wood possesses a wide range of colors from light brown to deep red and brown hues. When polished it can take on a catseye gemstone-like brilliance and seem as if lit from within.

Koa photo frame rare wood hawaii Uniqueness

Koa is an extra rare wood which is only available in Hawaii. It is considered second to none because of its spectacular appearance.

Hawaii native koa picture frame Sustainability

Only Koa trees that have fallen naturally can be harvested. This conservation protection combined with rapid growth of Koa trees makes this an exceptionally sustainable product.

Koa frame strong heavy wood Durability

Koa’ strength is similar to black walnut and works quite well for hand and power tool production.